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Perfume Oil Range

Apple & Orchid Oil
This bar contains organic apple juice and an orchid perfume oil which has a luxurious and refreshing scent.

Chamomile perfume oil, chamomile flowers, and infusion of chamomile flowers are used to enchance this soap.

Coconut & Kelp
This soap includes a lovely coconut perfume oil and dried cut kelp to give an aroma evocative of sunny seaside holidays.

All the niceness of a Tanjero basic soap with the addition of this delightful perfume oil.

Blending a basic jasmine oil in with our base oils, we also add jasmine perfume oil to this soap, making it a favourite with jasmine devotees.

The musk perfume oil used in this soap has a warm and alluring aroma which makes this one of our more sensual bars.

By popular demand we have now added this lovely rose-scented bar to our perfume oil range.

The perfume oil in this bar has a warm parma violet aroma


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