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Why Buy Tanjero?

A love of essential oils, worry about constant use of unnecessary chemicals, revulsion at the idea of smearing animal fat on our skins, and a growing interest in natural health all contributed to the starting of Tanjero handmade soaps.

Our soap recipes have been designed for people who care about what they do and don't put on their skin. The base oils used include a high olive oil content, and we use the optimum amount of naturally grown hempseed oil in the base oils for all our recipes.

Our soaps are made, unmoulded, cut and bevelled by hand. As we use the cold saponification method, only a minimal amount of heating is used in the production of our soaps.

Tanjero soaps have all the following qualities:

We use the optimum amount of hempseed oil - a rich emollient which gives a luxury lather - in the base oils for all our bars
Only vegetable oils are used - no animal fats are included, and the small amount of palm oil used is certified sustainable.
They have a high glycerine content as none of the naturally occuring glycerine is extracted during manufacture*
High quality essential and perfume oils used for scented bars
No unnecessary added chemicals*
They contain no artificial preservatives, colourings or foaming agents
No sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate
The bars perform well for washing hair
Bars containing essential oils double as aromatherapy massage bars
All the soaps are made by hand
The aloe vera juice, lavender flowers, cucumber juice, grapefruit juice, carrot juice, apple juice, coffee, sweet orange essential oil and oatmeal used in various bars are all organic. The coffee used is also Fair Trade.
No abuse of animals is involved in the contents, production, testing or packaging
They are tested on humans
Production is energy efficient and environmentally friendly
With such a wide range there's bound to be at least one ideally suited to your skin type

*The naturally occuring glycerine is frequently extracted from commercial soaps and substituted with other ingredients (e.g. Lanolin).

** Sodium hydroxide is used in the production of the basic soap, but this is an essential ingredient without which hard soaps cannot be produced. The perfume oils are synthetic but all essential oils are pure.