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Unperfumed Soaps

For those of you who are allergic to perfumed soaps or who just prefer their soaps unscented, we have the following:

Just Carrot
We included carrot in this soap as it is rich in both vitamins A and C; it also gives the bar an attractive delicate colour. Wheatgerm oil has been added for extra emollience, making this soap friendlier to use on a drier skin.

Carrot and Hempseed
This soap is made to the same recipe as Just Carrot, but has crushed hempseed husk added to act as an exfoliant.

Pure Aloe Vera
A simple soap with added organic aloe vera juice.

The Kitchen Coffee Bar
A simple soap to which we have added organic Fair Trade ground coffee for its aid in reducing odours such as onions and garlic on the hands. It is also effective in cleaning grease and gardening dirt from the hands


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