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Exotic Range

The soaps in this range use expensive, exotic oils from the far east - we will expand this range as we discover more of these beautiful aromas

Also known as Agarwood, Oud, Eagle wood, Jinko, Gaharu or Kyara, Aloeswood is prized as one of the finest aromatic woods and is harvested from the wild "Aquillaria Agalloch" tree in Southeast Asia.

The tree that produces the aloeswood resin is a large evergreen, usually around 20 meters tall, but it can reach up to 40 meters. The tree bears a fragrant, green and yellowish-white flower. The trees frequently become infected with a parasite fungus or mold, Phialophora parasitica, and begin to produce an aromatic resin, in response to this attack. It is this precious resinous wood that is known as aloeswood and is treasured around the world.

Aloeswood has a deep, woody scent, often described as warm and earthy. The aroma is distinctive and very penetrating. Because the scent is so pleasant, aloeswood is used to make essential oil and aloeswood chips, and it is also a prized ingredient of incense in the Middle East and in Japan. The fragrance of aloeswood can vary greatly depending on the country of origin, the density of resin and also on the part of the tree from which it is harvested. Aloeswood is not related to Aloe Vera.

It has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies, as well as in traditional medicine. It is believed to have both mental and physical medicinal benefits - with properties thought to balance the mind and body and relieve pain. Aloeswood is also believed by many to have aphrodisiacal qualities. Because each batch of Aloeswood oil is different in aroma, batches of the soap will vary, but will always be of a high quality.

This soap uses Sultan attar from India and has a refined and refreshing aroma conveying luxurious quality.

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